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Death in Season 5?

 Via an Interview with NathanielFD (Youtuber) English VA and Voice Director of Miraculous;Ezra Weisz revealed important information about Season 5: 
★ A Death in Season 5 will be too Dark for the show(Explanation: In Episode Evolution we got to know Emelie will die soon and she doesn’t have much time as she is in a comma or something due to using broken Peacock Miraculous so she might die this Season or as I previously posted we got a Spoiler that Catnoir will use cataclysm on a real Person in Season 5 that Person might Die) 
★Ezra Weisz mentions that he receives the episodes out of order, but hopes that season 5 will be released in order. 

Why was Miraculous Movie Delayed?

★ Ezra Weisz: The reason they delayed the movie is because of the dubbing, the idea is that everything will be perfect, now they are working on the animation. The music is beautiful, you feel the sounds, the emotions. It was perfectly composed, it’s beautiful and amazing. 
★ Ezra Weisz defines season 5 as “Dynamic Change”. Each episode of season 5 will have something new, we will see a lot of manipulation, but that doesn’t mean that everything will be grim. 

Will Adrien be called a Sentimonster in Season 5?

★ According to Ezra Weisz they haven’t recorded any dialogue that says Adrien is a sentimonster. 

 ★ Ezra Weisz: “We will see serious relationships between Gabriel, Nathalie and Adrien in season 5. As well, we will see how Adrinette’s feelings develop more”. 
★ Ezra Weisz: Lila and Felix are a threat, they will cause problems in season 5. 
★ Ezra Weisz: “I think Monarch doesn’t know all the potential that all the Miraculous have, he’ll be more evil. And Marinette was starting to understand how to use the power of so many Miraculous just before she lost them at the S4 finale”.

How many episodes of Season 5 are completed?

★Season 5 Episodes 4(Jubilation),6(Determination),7(Passion) & 11 (Deflagration) are finished!!! 

New Images Were also Revealed 


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